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It is necessary to read and understand our terms and conditions before registering our services. After registration you accept that you are entering into a contract with us on the basis of all our terms and conditions.
Every person visiting www.ptecheducation.com should be bound to abide by the terms and conditions given by us after registration.
If you are using our website www.ptecheducation.com and you do not accept the below terms and conditions then you should refrain from using www.ptecheducation.com

After registering on our website www.ptecheducation.com it is necessary to read and accept these terms and conditions.

  1. Accepting our terms and conditions by any person/ Organization means that you have accepted all our terms &conditions and entered into an agreement with us.
  2. Any person, organization, Student showing political, illegal, fraud profile will not be accepted under any circumstances.
  3. The purpose of our website www.ptecheducation.com is to allow the student and organizationto take information about P-Tech Education Courses, Schemes, News, and Upcoming Events.
  4. If someone (Student / organization) makes cash payment to any person or organization then you will be responsible for it yourself. www.ptecheducation.com does not accept any kind of cash payment.
  5. www.ptecheducation.com makes every effort to secure the details of student and training centers but will not be responsible for unauthorized access to information.
  6. Training Centers ensure that whatever information is given by them (email address, address, and mobile number) is correct and provision is made by us to update the information from time to time.
  7. Training Centers/ Students also ensure that they do not broadcast any information which is illegal.
  8. The management committee of www.ptecheducation.com is empowered to amend any prior information, terms and conditions.
  9. Training Centers/ Students acknowledge that www.ptecheducation.com is not liable for any loss and damage whether financial loss or physical loss.
  10. Payment of any Other Person/ Third Party company will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  11. These rules are subject to Indian law and the authority of the courts.