FoSTaC - No Fee Receipt will be Considered valid without our Online Bill Number

It is requested to All FBO's, Please Make sure that your Fostac Fees receipt having P-Tech Swipe Valid Bill Number. Without our Swipe Bill Number NO Fostac Offiline fees will be considered by P-Tech Educational Trust. Mail us for any Query Related to our fostac project : [email protected]

Required Business Associate having Field Team for Government Project

Required Business Partner Having Field Team in All Over India, Interested Person Send Profile : [email protected]

Live Classes for Computer Course

We are Launching our Mobile Application for Live/ Recorded Classes for the Students. More information mail us: [email protected]

P-Tech Education Official Website,, Both Are Our Official Websites.

Required Franchise Partner for All Over India

If you are running Computer Center / Yoga Center / Vocational Center / School / Collage, then you can give online and live classes to the students by taking the franchise of P-Tech Education. If you want to become a franchise partner, then apply :- https:/ /