• Thank you for your interest in starting an P-TECH (P-Tech Education) Centre in your city.
  • To assist you in taking the right decision we have gathered all the relevant information and presented them in a simple format.
  • Being successful in an education venture depends on multiple factors. We insist that you do your own workings based on current realities and knowledge of your territory.
  • You can seek our assistance wherever required and we can work together to create a mutually beneficial and highly successful Business Venture.

About P-Tech

P-TECH is India’s premier Technical Training Institute which offering new age career oriented courses targeted at component repairing segment.

The Institute is Boon for people who want to make a difference in their lives. The P-TECH has crossed many a milestone in journey of technical education has been established since 2007 in Agra. And has created in his owned ranking. P -TECH has its guided great strides in the field of technical education and provided employment & self-employment opportunities to more than 1000 Student’s P-TECH’s Instructors and consultants are best in their class having achieved several years of experience in the areas of Repairing network.

The technically oriented programs/courses offered by P-TECH are designed to train the student to become well versed & accelerate in their respective fields & to meet the growing industry demand. P-TECH plans to expand its chain of learning centers to offers quality education to students in India.


How to take a Membership:
On receiving this offer, a prospective study centre should:

Apply with complete details of self, premises, available hardware, plan for business development in the format of the data sheet attached at the end of this offer. Receipt of the application and data sheet at the controlling office of P-TECH would be followed by personal interview with the Director P-TECH and a visit by a team of P-TECH professional at the prospective centre, if needed.

Eligibility Criteria for P-TECH Study Centre:
The P-TECH Study Centre should satisfy the following criteria.

  • * Should be in business (IT related or otherwise) or should be a professional with the required entrepreneurial acumen.
  • * Should be willing to invest required amount of money in setting up a centre with proper infrastructure and man power.
  • * Should have commitment for providing quality training to students.
  • * Should be willing to be a part of the P-TECH team in accepting the terms and condition and procedures as laid down by P-TECH

Infrastructure Requirement:

Specification Rural Urban
Tehsil Village Metro City Non Metro City
Aria (Sq.Ft.) 800-100 800 - 100 1500 1000-1200
No. of Class Rooms 2 2 2 2
Sitting Capacity per Class Room 15 15 20 20
Lab Room 1 1 1 1
No. of Systems 6 5 8 10

Hardware Requirements:

  • One Pentium server Nodes connected as per P-TECH Site Specification.
  • Necessary Hardware compatibility for Internet.
  • Printer (Laser jet).
  • UPS (1 VA) / Generator

Manpower Requirement:

Knowledge of Computer Software Training, Experience, having Good Management Skills.

Thorough knowledge of subject, disciplined, Student's problem solving capacity.

Pleasant personality with good communication skills, knowledge of computer courses, disciplined.

Marketing Executive
Experienced Hardworking, knowledge of computer courses, good communication skills.

Office Boys
Disciplined & Experience

Profitability of Operations:

The granting of study centre status would be possible after careful study of the market potential, number of students graduation form the relevant streams etc. The specifics in terms of operational economics will be discussed in person with each of the study centers. The study centers are required to make a study of the Engineering Colleges, Polytechnics and science college and other institutes of the area by way to the number of students passing out each year

Expectation From the Affiliated Study Centre:

The study centre should be able to have a centre at a prime location of the city/town. The centre would have separate class rooms, Computer Lab and Reception / office room. The centre would have proper ventilation and proper lighting .The block and sub block level centres may not have the above infrastructure but should have generally clean surroundings.

In Operations Each study centre would be provided with a detailed operational manual which provide guidelines to various aspects like.

  • Internal systems and procedures.
  • External Interface
  • Co-ordinations
  • Purchase of classes and practical.
  • Examination procedure.
  • Certificate issue procedures.

The study centre should follow the steps outlined in the manual would be the key essence to the agreement with the study centres.

In Function................
The P-TECH study centre shall abide by the agreement and conditions followed by all P-TECH centers.

The P-TECH study centre shall have to conduct courses as per the rules and syllabi laid down by P-TECH

This amount shall be deposited at the time of signing the affiliation agreement.
Renewal of the P-TECH center shall be done every year on payment of Rs. 2000/- only.
Affiliation form costs Rs. 100/-.
Franchisee Earning Monthly/Yearly Basic

CATEGORY Min. No. of Students Fees Per Student/month in Rs. Regd. Charges in Rs. Examination Fee (2 Semester) Fees Collected From students per/month Fees collected from students/per year TOTAL Per/Year in Lac
Computer Education centre (Computer Software)-One Year Course 50 400 500 150x2=300 400x50=20000 2,40000+25000+15000=280000 2.8
Computer Hardware- 6 months 20 1000 500 150 1000x20=20,000 2,40000+10000+3000=2,53000 2.53
Mobile Repairing Centre-3 months 20 2500 500 150 2500X20=50000 6,00000+10000+3000=6,13000 6.13
Laptop Repairing Centre-6 months 20 4000 500 4000X20=80,000 480000+480000=960000 9.6

Benefit after Becoming a Franchisee Of P-TECH

  • Certificate will be issued by the P-TECH.
  • Employment Exchange Registration on Behalf of P-TECH Certificate.
  • University Degree courses also available( Counseling)
  • Open schooling progremme.
  • Yearly One Govt. project will be provided to Franchisee on the basis of performance.
  • Project Preparation Guidance.
  • Yearly min Income 21 lac but max is no limit.

Other Terms:

  • Media planning & release will be done by franchisor through ad agency appointed by P-TECH Head office.
  • Cost of media promotion will by franchisee.
  • Projections can very from area to area and franchise. Based on our standard working, prospective franchisees will need to carry out research in their local area as per our franchisee application & survey form, for its
  • Viability. Upon completion of study, franchisee is required to prepare business estimation relevant to centre for our approval and acceptance.
  • Franchise has to achieve minimum business target set by P-TECH Head office.
  • Relevant taxes extra.
  • Additional Terms mentioned in the franchise agreement.

Next Step:

If you like what you have read so far …

  • Fill up the Franchise Business Projection form.
  • Plan a visit to our head office.
  • Get your location approved.
  • Launch P-TECH centre in 15-20 days
  • We are actively recruiting new franchisees and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Please don't pay cash to any known/ unknown person, make DD in favor of " P-TECH EDUCATIONAL TRUST ". Payable " Agra " & send to corporate office Agra by courier


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